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Elevating lives by infusing tranquility into tax & accounting strategy

Why Socair

Socair, derived from the Irish language translates to "calm" and "easy".  The choice of this name for our firm is not just a nod to my Irish heritage, but a deliberate reflection of our foundational principles.  As a concierge CPA firm, we specialize in offering seamless business and tax planning services.  Our commitment is rooted in the belief that financial matters need not be daunting.  We strive to bring a sense of tranquility and ease to our clients, particularly high net wealth individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives who seek a strategic guide through the complexities of tax and business planning.

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Why we do it

Dedicated to forging unique connections with our clients, Socair operates on a level distinct from traditional CPA firms. With over two decades of experience in the tax and accounting industry, I observed a pervasive trend—a reliance on cookie-cutter services and uninspired advice from disengaged, overburdened tax preparers. Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, Socair was conceived. We break free from conventional norms, delving deep into our clients' individual circumstances. Our seasoned team formulates and implements personalized tax strategies that transcend the ordinary. In a landscape bound by rules and regulations, we pride ourselves on creativity and strategic thinking, ensuring our clients benefit from every available avenue. At Socair, we thrive in providing a service that is both exceptional and innovative.

What Socair can do for you

At Socair, we celebrate your unique financial journey. Going beyond conventional practices, we explore your current landscape, aspirations, and dreams. With this understanding, we craft a formal plan tailored exclusively for you. Here's an overview of our customized plans:


Small Business is the backbone of our economy. At Socair, we're dedicated to empowering small business success. Through personalized one-on-one partnerships we delve into the core of your business helping you to enhance finances, understand financial statements and provide assistance with operational goals. Our goal is to leave you with more time to excel in running your business with confidence. 

Executives & High Net Wealth Individuals

Socair Advisors is an innovative advisory firm specializing in crafting custom tax strategies for Executives and high net wealth individuals. Our goal is not only to empower them to lead fulfilling lives but also to create lasting legacies for their families and beyond.

Financial Planning

Socair Advisors works closely with Alliance Wealth Management Group to coordinate your investments, taxes, and your financial plan.  We identify opportunities that otherwise might be missed to increase your investment returns, save you money and free up your precious time.

Success Stories

“Very easy to work with and very professional.”

Allan Cooper

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